Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I dreamed of this dress and it showed up at Target!

I love color blocking.  
col·or block·ing: v.  the practice of putting two or more blocks of solid colors next to each other.  
Wow, earth shattering definition.  Sounds easy enough.  
This is not a new trend.  Think 1960s mod A-line with contrasting colors sewn together...heck, Wonder Woman color blocked.  Currently the trend involves blocks of colors with just a different enough hue to be OMG new.  I would best describe the key to success in color blocking today like this:
First imagine the old Crayola “Bold” colored marker set.  You could imagine you accidentally left the lids off the Bold markers for an afternoon or so and then tried to draw with them.  You would still get the new bold hue but it would be somewhat muted.  Next imagine the Crayola “Florescent” marker collection (do they even call them Florescent anymore?).  Leave the lids on until you are ready to use them.  Draw blocks next to each other of one bold and a contrasting florescent and, sha-zam!,  color blocking of today!  
                                                       -Me, 2011
I am to color blocking of today as my fellow preteen girls were to NKOTB circa 1990...totally infatuated and feeling like I just didn’t yet have what was needed to make it mine.  I say this because I have very few florescent colors in my wardrobe collection at this time.  I knew i could make the trend work but, as I am trying to stay away from shopping, it just wasn’t coming together. 
Then I had a dream!  I dreamed of this dress and it showed up at Target!  

Intro Thakoon color block dress for target international capsule collection.  

There are positives and negatives about this Target fashion buy.  
Positives:                              Negatives:
-Economically priced                              -There may be thousands of girls wearing the 
-Easy to clean                                same dress.
-Capsule collection maybe not              -Less luxurious and/or synthetic fabrics 
that many girls know about it                      -Having to walk past that dollar bin that always
        -Access to coveted designers                       coerces me into purchasing things I really don’t need
In my mind the positives out weighed the negatives.  
I paired my new color blocked option with a faux pony hair belt, nude nine west pumps and, while it is difficult to see in the picture, nude fishnet stockings.  I am loving this!