Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bar Cart: let the boozy good times roll

Bar Cart: let the boozy good times roll

This summer has been all about the Artisanal, or craft, cocktail.   You may love a small batch brew, or have a go to beverage already selected but when the sun is hot and fruit is in season and plentiful, mixing up an herb infused crafty cocktail just feels right.  Lets be real, you are not going to find a watermelon lavender martini appealing in December and that natural pink hue is going to clash with your fall/winter burgundy nails.  You might as well live it up (in moderation) crafty cocktail style while there is summer remaining.

As a long time lover of the Old Fashioned  ( I can appreciate fresh fruit in a muddled drink.  This crafty cocktail trend is one I am happy to embrace.  Some of my favorites were featured on (  Summer refreshments that are all natural, low in calories, delicious, and just the right amount of boozy?  Yes please.  However, there is not a shortage of recipes if you are willing to put together a little elbow grease and the fresh summer flavors.

After a few months of many delicious concoctions that require refrigerated ingredients tickling my fancy, my kitchen counter was inadvertently transformed into a makeshift bar for easy mixing.  Apparently, I am not alone in this as the blogosphere is currently trending with decorative bar carts.  It’s a logical follow up to the craft cocktail craze.  Once again, a trend I am happy to embrace.  Sometimes the actual bar is just too far away.  Best to have a cart, on wheels that can be moved in close proximity to where ever you need it. 

Voila, my bar cart:

Let the boozy good times roll
I happened to have all of these goodies on hand employed in different ways in my house.  The cart was designed to hold a record player on top and records on the bottom.  I don’t have a record player that is not attached to speakers so this cart was just waiting for a party.  I happened to have plexiglass on hand for another project that I cut to fit each level to provide a flat surface for glasses and drinks.  You can never have enough glassware and alcohol, the fancier the better for the cart.  Ideally I would have a coordinating ice bucket and bar mixing tools but all in good time.  Vintage flare and flowers seem to be a must based on the blogs so I grabbed a few of those from around the house.  Beautiful.  My kitchen counter is clear again!

If you are thinking you also need one of these party makers you are in luck, it is also flea market and yard sale season.  If you aren’t sure where to start here are some ideas for what you will need:

  1. Some kind of cart on wheels.  The more creative you can get with this the better.  If all else fails there is always Ikea and spray paint.  This blogger fashioned an inexpensive bar cart with an IKEA cart, spray paint, and a little magic ( 
  2. Alcohol.  Start with what you like.  Many summer cocktails will call for cordials or flavored liquors.  These are fun and can jazz up a cart but there are many cocktail options.  You can focus on drinks made with your liquor of choice.  If you aren’t sure go for vodka. 
  3. Glasses.  I like a variety because certain cocktails do taste better in different glasses.  The variety is extensive.  At a minimum maybe some tall ones, and some short ones.
  4. Tools. You need a shot glass or other measuring device.  You need a muddler (not shown on my cart because it didn’t match), something for stirring, something for shaking, and something for straining.  If you don’t have them in your kitchen you also may need a knife, and a zester.
  5. Something to hold ice.  Ideally a bucket but really possibilities’ are endless.
  6. Flair.  This could be flowers, stir sticks, a fun book, its flare, it could be anything.

Happy cocktailing!

Here are some other examples:

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