Monday, November 1, 2010

ferocious kitty back on the prowl

I read in a magazine kitten heels are back with a vengeance.  True, their presence was all over the runways this fall.   There was a time when the low heel and pointed toe seemed all I needed for an outfit.  But that was almost two years ago.  That was before I discovered the power of the platform.   I was uncertain I was ready to rediscover such a contradictory trend.

There is a certain sex appeal to a platform pump.  My legs seem to go on forever and my butt is given a little perk.  If arched just right a sky high heel can be as comfortable as a tennis shoe, allowing me to walk gracefully and with confidence.  The right platform takes an outfit to another level.  Sure I may be 6 feet tall in a 4-inch heel with a 1inch platform but the confidence that comes with this new latitude is addictive.  Feeling like a model with legs lengthened to unrealistic proportions while still stepping with comfort is a win, win. 

As most trends often end in extreme, the heights of some of the platforms had become dangerous.  Balance off put, and twisted ankles are the downside of such magical heights. And with an average male height of 5’9” and intimidation easy to find it seemed the power of the pump also had a negative impact on the dating life of the fashonista.  It wasn’t hard to see a change soon in the wind.

I was just not sure I was ready for such a drastic shrinking of the shoe this fall.   It just seemed so drastic; it just seemed so soon.  After a day of attempting to walk quickly to work on stone finished sidewalk in sky high heels not quite arched to perfection, however, I was ready to give a modest heel another try.  Reluctantly I excavated the depths of my closet for the kitten heels left there years ago. 

Oh kitten heels!  I had forgotten how comfortable you are to wear.   How easy it is to keep a long stride with you as my footwear.  The balls of my feet are not burning, even without Dr Scholl’s massaging gel insoles!  I welcome you back with open arms and relaxed toes. 

Still, the demure decoration of a few years ago seems a bit out of place with my new love of ferociousness in fashion.  After Gaga I feel there still needs to be a level of sass in my newly rediscovered little kitties.  I went first for the metallic purple snakeskin print  kitten heel and things just seemed to right.  I paired it with an industrial chic plexiglass necklace for edge and a bold teal/turquoise top.  The mix felt right. 

Comfy Kitten heel
I am not ready to abandon my favorite platforms quite yet but my current rotation must now be expanded to include another type of shoe.   The subtle style and comfort of the kitten heel is worthy of revisit.

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