Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Project Accessory Thoughts-deux

A few of my updated thoughts after viewing four episodes of Project Accessory:

1. None of the wonderful people I encountered at my New York adventure made it to the show.  I am quite bummed as I was looking forward to seeing what they could do.

2.  There have been some very talented designs represented.  I continue to be impressed by Nina Cortes.  I would wear anything she has created so far and her use of matches in a ring as a pop of color was genius.  Rich Sandomeno is also awesome.  Both of them keep coming up with designs that could work well at an evening event but also be Macgyver'd into a tool to get you out of a stalled elevator.  Perfection.

3.  In case you missed it, Nicolina Royale got booted off of the show for over use of the phrase "camel toe."  I am relieved, I had to leave the room after repetition number four.

4.  Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti has been cast as "the mentor," or for Project Runway followers "the Tim Gunn" of the show.  She provides some great feedback and reading her bio (http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-accessory/season-1/judges/eva-jeanbart-lorenzotti) I am totally impressed.  Still, she has some large shoes to fill as Tim Gunn is perhaps one of the most warm, witty, and genuine people on television.  Eva is a little more reserved in her feedback and delivery so it is going to be a tough road to "Gunn-dom" but I see a warmth in her eyes as she provides her criticism so I am not counting her out yet.  Actually, with a background in finance, an eye for fashion, and affinity for travel and adventure (and a company called Vivre  http://www.vivre.com/) I feel like Eva really could be a women I would look to as a mentor.  I wish I knew more about her when I shook her hand in NYC... C'est la vie!

5.  All of the judges, Molly Sims, Kenneth Cole, Ariel Foxman are very likeable.  Who doesn't love a man named Foxman? 

6.  As you may have guessed, Project Accessory is very closely modeled (no pun intended) after Project Runway.  It is not the first spinoff to attempt to create success in the shadow of a successful show (I suppose that is exactly what a spinoff aims to do), however, Project Accessory is the closest in format, right down to the runway set and the logo font.  It may be the same set and pretty sure it is the same font.  This is both good and bad.  Positives: It is familiar, I know it is not going to offend my senses, I love the idea, model+designer+editor+mentor =fashion fun.  However, being so closely formatted is also a challenge as it lends to many regular comparisons to the original Project Runway and, lets face it, that is a tough match-up to win.

7.  After much debate and speculation it turns out each designer really does need to know how to craft a shoe, make a bag, weld some jewelry, etc.  There is a great amount of cooperative skill sharing among the designers, however, these are not easy things to master in a day or two.

8.  Wall of Ebay accessories not as essential on a show where designers need to make and showcase accessories.

9.  Next on my wish list after shoe closet, and dressing room is "Swarovski wall of crystals."  If you know me you know how I feel about things that sparkle.  I can think of endless possibilities with such a wall. 

10.  I am watching every chance I get, DVR'ing the episodes, and taking notes because I am determined: I will make a pair of shoes!

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