Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stylish (?) Book report: The Secrets of the FBI

Just finished the book, The Secrets of the FBI by Ronald Kessler.  As usual, I started it while on a plane.  It really didn’t match my mood while flying to South Beach and then a cruise to the Bahamas but in a bookstore full of similar fiction items and over emotional novels, the shiny black cover and large red lettering “FBI” screamed, “read me.” The last three chapters have been screaming “read me” from my coffee table for the last several months so today is a win for finishing things!  I do not have anything “stylish” to report.  I take that back, the items about the FBI dress code through the years, and ways to conceal ones identity with dress were interesting.  They were interesting but probably not going to help you get dressed on Monday.   In any case, here is my report:

The Secrets of the FBI is full of interesting items communicating the evolution of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from establishment to present day.  It gives an honest view of the changes over time.  It presents interesting secrets, and does not shy away from revealing shortcomings of the past.  It concludes with a description of the positive developments in the most recent ten years leaving the reader with confidence and a feeling of protection by capable hands.

It is rare that a book can be striking and dramatic without embellishment or emotional lament.  Ronald Kessler is speaking from experience as he reveals so much new information about the FBI.  Reading this evokes a variety of emotional responses but there is a clear dedication to truthfulness that is refreshing.  The stories cause intrigue, slight nausea at times, fear, and reassurance with straightforward presentation.  This fascinating look inside the guarded walls of the FBI is worth a read.

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