Sunday, September 26, 2010

A book report

I knew I liked Tim Gunn but this was reinforced on page one of A Guide to Quality, Taste, and Style.  Let me count the ways…

First, Tim dedicated the book to me the reader and my style.  I love that Tim is not trying to squeeze me into the pages of someone else’s ideal.   Secondly, I learned early in the book by his mention that Tim is a great friend with Diane Von Furstenberg, another one of my favorite style icons! Her quote, “I did not know what I wanted to do but I knew the type of woman I wanted to become.” (American Express commercial 2009) is prominently displayed on my facebook page and drives me to think how each of my ventures in life may work together to achieve a goal of my own.  This relationship speaks positively for both Tim and Diane.  I hope to sit down with Ms Von Furstenberg and Mr. Gunn for a stylish and thought provoking lunch at some time in my life.  Tim Gunn may be best known for his presence on popular television but he truly is a life long fashion professional and exquisitely qualified to write a guide on quality, taste, and style.

Perhaps one of the reasons I love this book is its personal delivery.  Tim starts the book with depiction of his own personal style evolution, his experiences, and drivers.   It is just the right amount of personal storytelling to establish the voice of the book.  This is not another book about trends, or shopping now but it is Tim Gunn sharing his wisdom in a way only Tim can.

Tim gives great insight into how to be the best and most fashionable YOU possible.   I learned a lot about other notable style personalities and personas.  Admittedly, I did need to Google a few but I enjoyed learning about these Google topics, new terms, and classical references.  As I read through chapters covering many difficult to navigate looks and situations I laughed, I identified, I read without stopping.  When I encountered the section on “Packing,” and the description of “Aspirational Packing Syndrome” I recalled a recent trip to Rhode Island for which I ended up packing Keds, a boatneck stripped top, and a mariner’s sweater just in case I ended up meeting a man to teach me to sail and contemplated sending an email to the author himself just to say, “here, hear!” I enjoyed every minute of this book.

I truly feel like A Guide to Quality, Taste, and Style by Tim Gunn and Kate Molony is a book every aspiring or interested fashion pursuant should check out as they develop their style identity.  This book has moved me forward in my growth as an informed fashionista. Throughout the book, Tim Gunn offers fashion reference and perspective in his own delightful voice but consistently encourages the readers to look at themselves as the most important voice. 

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