Saturday, September 25, 2010

"I could make a necklace out of that.." -Industrial Chic!

This outfit makes me feel confident, and cool; also powerful and chic.  The pattern on the dress found at Target is geometric but undone, the fabric sleek, and the fit and pleating effortless to make look good.  Accented with unique industrial chic jewelry and the ever-important pop of color there is no stopping me!  
I see the beauty in industrial things.  About a year ago I started taking building materials found in my garage and combining them with Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones to make jewelry.  FoundryM ( was born.  I love the Industrial Chic and I want to bring that love to others.  

Over the last year this practice has turned into a bit of an obsession.  I often find myself throughout the course of the day thinking, "I could make a necklace out of that.”  It is a fun challenge to work on construction, and artful combination of the ordinary.  

Inspired by jumbled dripping diamond (and rhinestone) necklaces of yesteryears, and my local glass smith, this necklace is a champion of style and recycling.  A while ago I had a piece of glass cut to fit a shallow wicker basket to make it suitable as a flat drink tray (a separate project discussion).  While working with my favored glass professional I inquired about the disposal of scraps from glass and plexiglass projects.  Turns out the plexiglass scraps were just thrown out. 

I have always been an advocate of recycling.  Luckily, my friend at the glass shop is also!  He was enthusiastic about finding a use for what would be trash, and has been kind enough to provide me with a plethora of plexiglass pieces of varying sizes and thicknesses as they become available.  This opportunity has let me work a new collection of FoundryM wearable art pieces!

Breaking, drilling, taking time to drimmel the sharp edges, and hanging each piece of plexiglass is time consuming and tedious.  Every comment and compliment makes this work worthwhile.   

The bracelet was a result of a trip to Home Depot and letting my mind wander.  Accenting the large hose clamp with Hematite and Swarovski crystals seemed down right logical.  

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