Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day at the races

Yesterday I hopped on a bus of fun people and spent the day at Keeneland watching horse racing.  I love Keeneland as it is the epitome of Kentucky horse country.  Ladies dress like ladies, and men don suits, ties, and french cuffs.  Think Kentucky Derby only with the glitz and glam removed and in its place solid love of the races, ivy, and old world charm.  It is a day of drinking but the atmosphere makes it refined.

You know you are getting close when the grass stretches for miles soft, vivid green, portioned off with intersecting white slatted horse fences.  The stone walls rise and form the stately buildings at Keeneland.  My favorite part is the area when you first enter.  Horses get paraded before each race.  There isn't a bad looking animal there but I like to pretend I know what I am talking about as I comment on how good each animal looks.

Inside the betting and the racing is the main event but the people watching could be a close second.  The crowd is a mixture of everyone.  Heavy hitting gamblers intermingled with dressed up young professionals, and families with children in tow.  Bourbon is the liquor of choice and if you want a beer the Kentucky Ale also has the sweet oak flavor of bourbon as a favorite.

 I chose my outfit looking for something comfortable enough to sustain a day of drinking but ladylike enough to fit the scene.  Chilly morning but warming in the afternoon.  My current favorite jacket and pumps, and a go to dress, but I wanted a punch so i added the purple tights.  I loved it more by the minute.  The tights got a lot of attention, some good, and some from people that didn't get it.  Either way, I still loved it!   

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