Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tight-rolled pants changed my life

Last night was a late night.  One of too many.  I worked until nine, had dinner at eleven, didn’t fall asleep  until four but was back up at seven.
This morning dazed and groggy but still moving.  I went to my closet looking for comfort but found a hot shoe and build an outfit around it.  In my head it was a neutral cigarette pant, a comfortable sweater, sleek hair, and a hint of playful color.  But flash to the cubical: I felt nothing special.  
Then a thought crossed my mind that changed my mood and my day.  I tight rolled my pants and have nothing to say but it changed my life.  Suddenly I remembered Ray-bans and pop songs, florescent swatches, and popped collars!  I felt young and free, like ten million dollars.
Tight rolled and fresh
It was a throw back but i was feeling fresh.  I like to think my coworkers were maybe even impressed.  I folded the side, rolled once and again.  The rainbow leopard pumps stood out like supportive friends.  
Maybe not a red carpet number but enough of an upper to keep me from slumber.  Listen to me, im losing my mind, this blog post is turning into a rhyme.  Clearly delirious. I need some sleep.  This is getting serious.


  1. Great idea! I do this with jeans, but have never thought to do it with a dress pant... i love it.

  2. Ah! Just like we did in Newport haha

    Neatly folded farmer cuff = OLD NEWS
    Scrunchy, gathered, messy cuff = IN!