Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boston for a wedding!

Sooo... I knew i was only going to be out of town for four days, and one of the days I already had an outfit chosen for me because I was going to be in a wedding, but I still ended up with 4 pairs of shoes in 2 suitcases.... plus the pair of black suede flats I threw in at the last minute because i realized i had only packed heels...ok, plus the pair of platform high heel boots i wore on the plane...
Clearly I did not have a vision or clear head when packing.  I did not have time to color coordinate multiple outfit options to go with one pair of shoes or one clutch.  Clearly, as I managed to fit 4 clutches in the travel bags as well.  I realized this might have been a bit when excessive when I managed to get all of my "essentials" in my rolling carryon and the rest of my "options" went in the giant bag that I paid an additional $25 to check and lug on the plane.  
When I arrived in Boson however I felt liberated!  Liberated because I had packed enough sweaters, jackets, and top options to suit the somewhat drastic temperature change from my starting point to this destination.  I had the perfect pumps, shooties, and heels to draw praise in each setting I adventured.  I had an outfit for dinners, casual lounging, and for dramatic mountain climbing.  

I was able to quickly pull out my hanging attache and hang it conveniently in the bathroom.  My exploded lotion bottle was no match for the large zip lock bag that encased it.  Most importantly, I managed to get a bridesmaid dress, a rehearsal dinner dress, and a few silk tops rolled, packed, and traveled from Cincinnati to Boston without a wrinkle!   
So what if i didn't wear everything i brought?  I had the perfect brassiere for each ensemble, a complementary bauble for each combination, and I felt appropriate at every turn.  I apologize if there is a porter somewhere nursing a hernia or pulled back muscle.  It was worth the extra effort as to me this was a packing success!

Congratulations to Alicia and Brian for a beautiful wedding!  The ceremony was beautiful.  The decor was a perfect fall bouquet of color set overlooking serene golf greens and changing fall foliage.  The dress and suit color scheme of midnight blue maids’ dresses,’ black tuxedos,  and shades of orange for ties and flowers was unexpected but worked as a sophisticated look with a unique punch of fun!  I laughed, I didn't cry but the whole thing was personal and touching and I thought about crying were it not for the dramatic lashes perched daintily on my face.  I also spent a day recovering from all the dancing and stylish partying that took place so you know I had fun.  The wedding was a successful celebration of nuptials!

I loved wearing this dress.  The bridesmaids’ cleavage was the talk of the reception, and, while it was a bit nerve racking that the designer did not think to increase the amount of material from waist to the top of the sweetheart neckline with each dress size, it was worth it to look back at pictures and think, “Shoot, I look good!” 

Alicia and Brian, may each year of your marriage be an equal mix of touching moments, stylish celebrations with family and good friends, and all around great times.

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