Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dreams of chiffon dance in my head

Ralph Lauren
Spring RTW 2011

I have a dream... It is of white stone, hound’s-tooth, herringbone, horseback riding, roadsters, and a little manicured courtyard with peacocks meandering.  It is of chiffon floating across shiny marble and effortless comfort under the weight of glittering things.  I think it is a dream shared by Ralph Lauren and dreamed since I was a girl reading the Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, and the Secret Garden.  And so when "I grow up" fast seems looming and the roadster and marble just seem a bit out of reach what is a girl to do? 
Ralph Lauren
Black Label ad 2010
Ralph Lauren Black Label ad 2010

Rhinestones and plaid

a comforter tie
I will swath myself in sturdy fabrics, satin and rhinestones, or perhaps the curtains (or a piece of comforter) shiny and stiff.  I will wrap myself in mystery and look coy when asked where I am going.  Most importantly I will believe this is just the beginning of endless possibilities…

Satin and rock climbing

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