Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fur and Faux lashes

Theme parties.  They are fun and exciting.  Sometimes it ends in costume and sometimes it brings an opportunity to push the everyday outfit a little farther than the normal haunts promote.  Such was this weekends mod Factory Girl themed birthday party.   It could not have been more perfectly timed.

With the return of fur EVERYWHERE, minimalist shifts, and bright colors it wasn’t tough to put together a modern day mod.   It was a good time dressing to the max and dancing the night away.  Seeing men in pleather, Warhol wigs, and sunglasses inside is always entertaining as well.  

Luckily I had a great vintage faux London fur.  I imagine this coat could have danced down the same streets as Twiggy.  No way to know for sure but it inspired my dancing from the moment I put it on.   I decided to interpret the shift loosely with the new Hale Bob find I have been dying to wear and played up the mod with some fake lashes.  A girl can get used to the faux lashes.  I think this is the start of many evenings of fur and faux lashes.  
a mod mood in action...

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